Month: April 2017

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How to Change Your World

I’ve heard from younger generations – students here at Bob Jones University and Counselor in Training campers at The Wilds – that they desire to do something for God. They truly desire to change their world. Okay then, imagine you are having a conversation with God. “Lord, I know I am saved. I have been delivered…

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Christian Life

This the Power of the Cross

Very few holy days have been observed with greater antiquity or with more solemn and unified participation. This holiday has been celebrated for almost 2000 years by Christians around the globe. It is one of the few holy days in the calendar that has not been entirely commercialized, sentimentalized, or trivialized by marketers or consumers.…

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Confronting Our Culture

"A cunning Canaanite! Deceitful scales are in his hand; He loves to oppress.” –Hosea 12:7 Like ancient Israel in Hosea’s day, the modern church has become enamored with and enslaved by her surrounding culture. So much so that the church looks, thinks, and acts more like the world she was called to reach than the…

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